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Lebara Mobile Valentine's App

For Valentine's Day 2013, we were involved in an ambitious and exciting project for Lebara Mobile, building a total of eight Facebook apps in six different languages for Lebara's global markets.

The apps allowed Facebook users to send one of four specially designed videos to their loved ones with their own personal message. On the morning of 14 February, the app generated an email, which linked to a web page displaying the chosen video and personal message.

The eight apps we built featured the following elements, in six different languages:

- Facebook 'like gate'
- Main Facebook app, including 4 x video preview pop-ups.
- Form fields, to select the video clip and write personal message
- Success page
- Facebook 'share' for user
- Confirmation email
- Moderation feature
- Database for each app
- Scheduled email distribution on 14 Feb, and hourly throughout the day for new requests
- Bespoke web page for the recipient, hosting chosen video and personal message
- Facebook 'share' for recipient.

We also set up and managed a Facebook ad campaign for the UK page.

The campaign was extremely well received and generated some fabulous feedback from users and recipients.

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